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What are the choices for a new driveway?

When considering what are the choices for a new driveway, first you should consider what it currently looks like and what you want it to look like.

Is it inviting or does it undermine the overall appearance of your home or office? Although it may look basic, the driveway plays a vital role in the functionality and appearance of your home. It is the are that first comes to view when entering your property.

Now imagine what a poorly maintained or rundown driveway portrays, especially if you want to eventually sell.  It pays to have the driveway looking good and offering the best functionality.

But before you invest in any type, you need to understand the different types and their suitability in different areas.

1. Concrete

Concrete is among the oldest and most common materials used in driveways. People choose this type because it’s easy to install, doesn’t require lots of tools, and takes a relatively short time with the right tools.

When done correctly, preferably by professionals, the driveway can last for many decades. It also is easy to maintain and requires simple sweeping and cleaning. Some people, however, find it a bit plain and blunt.

2. Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern-imprinted concrete driveways are also becoming quite popular and is seen as an alternative to the traditional concrete. It uses the same materials as the convectional type but adds a bit of life by incorporating patterns and colours.

Similar to normal concrete, it is quite durable, strong, and tolerates water and the elements. However, it can be a bit expensive when it comes to undertaking repairs.

3. Block Paving

This type is found in homes, offices, institutions, and other places and is loved for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and range of colors.

It comes in small blocks that allow you to repair a small section in case of damage without having to overhaul the entire pavement.

For the best appearance, it’s recommended to let professionals undertake the installation. As the owner, you will need to clean it regularly so it maintain its good looks.

4. Tarmac

Also referred to as asphalt, especially in America, tarmac is undoubtedly the most popular paving material on roads. It’s known for its sturdy nature and durability which makes it suitable for high traffic areas.

Tarmac has good coverage and can be used on any surface. It’s fairly smooth surface makes it suitable for wet zones although it requires filling after some time. It is however affected by oil, grease, petrol and diesel.

5. Gravel Driveway

You’ll most certainly have come across gravel drives. They are among the cheapest to install and maintain and still look good under careful care. A unique thing about gravel is that it makes some audible noise when stepped or driven on.

This is seen as a security advantage since you will be alerted of people or cars approaching your premises. Nonetheless, since it doesn’t form a continuous surface, grass and other plants may begin to grow in between if not used for a long time. You therefore need to maintain it regularly.

6. Pervious Concrete

If you have issues with the runoff associated with concrete or tarmac drives, then pervious concrete would be a good alternative.

Unlike the usual concrete, it contains less sand and this allows water to pass through its permeable surface. It’s also loved for its textured, warm, and rustic appeal that makes it fit for both traditional as well as modern-looking homes.

This driveway material is also among the eco-friendly types around.

7. Brick

Although not so common, brick driveways can be found and usually appeals to people looking for the vintage or classic look courtesy of the rich color and natural appeal.

Compared to other types, brick drives are more costly but can last for a long time. Additionally, they greatly boost the value of a home.

8. Resin

Resin driveways come as bonded or bound. The first type involves placing the resin on the surface and then sprinkling small pebbles or stones.

The other first combines the resin and stones before placing it on the surface. The driveway is strong, offers a rough finish, water impermeable, and requires minimal maintenance.


There you go – the common types of driveways you will find in homes and offices. Each type comes with its unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Standard pavers and concrete are loved for their affordability and minimal maintenance whereas granite and block pavers, though slightly expensive, are very elegant.

Maybe you plan to repair or renovate your current driveway or you want to construct one.

How about contacting Sherratt Builders on 01743 791815 or 07786 268435. We boast many years of experience in providing different types of driveways for residential and commercial settings.

Photo by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash

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