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Have you secured a plot of land in Shropshire or Mid Wales to build your dream home on? If so, Sherratt Builders would be delighted to be appointed as your Principle Contractor for your self-build project.

With Planning Permission in place, Sherratt Builders can also project manager your entire self-build. They will appoint the relevant building sub-contractors for you, and then manage their work to ensure you achieve the very best results within the agreed budget.

Most clients get quotes from two or three building contractors before commissioning their self-build project. Unfortunately for the client, part of Sherratt Builders work is rectifying bad workmanship previously undertaken by cowboys who lack the necessary skills, knowledge and dedication to the task at hand. Sherratt Builders offers a competitively priced service, but Sherratt Builders will not be suitable if you are simply looking for the cheapest quote (with matching results). Clients who commission Sherratt Builders value the quality of our work, the reliability of our team and speed of construction (with minimal disruption) – factors that contribute to the overall success of any self-build project.

Sherratt Builders believe in complete transparency with our self-build clients and this is why we provide you with a fully costed quote, avoiding hidden extras. When you commission Sherratt Builders a contract will be drawn up, alongside a stage payment schedule, allowing you to plan ahead making your self-build project much less stressful.

Sherratt Builders have been involved in numerous self-build projects throughout Shropshire and Mid-Wales. Ranging from a self-build house project in Bentlawnt (Shropshire) where we prepared the grounds, bricked up to damp course and erected the superstructure, right through to a turnkey project in Melverly (a small village on the Shropshire, Mid-Wales border) where we built a three bedroom detached house.

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