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Water Leak

Non-Destructive and Effective Leak Detection.

At any time, in any place around the home, a leak can occur. When it does, action needs to be taken quickly to prevent extensive damage from being caused. Often, the most disruption is caused by a leak that may be hidden or hard to detect.

Using the latest technology, Sherratt Builders can provide a complete water leak detection service, using infrared thermal camera technology. These cameras detect leaking pipes and hidden damp for rapid, effective treatment.

Using Infrared Technology To Find A Leak

Infrared thermography acquires, stores and analysis the production of radiated energy via a thermal imaging camera system.

Through thermal imaging used by trained personnel, Sherratt Builders are able to measure and map the temperature differences in buildings. The thermal image is then analysed to ensure the correct treatment and repairs are made.

Why Use Infrared Water Leak Detection Systems?

Infrared Thermography allows the user to visualise and locate problem areas, validating building performance and recommending solutions.

Thermal Imaging has become well-known and respected for its ability to display areas of concern that are unseen to the human eye, along with the efficiency of heating and air conditioning/cooling systems.

Our Leakage Detection System Saves You Money

As Sherratt Builders are quickly able to find and isolate leaks, including those hidden beneath concrete and flooring, or within walls and ceilings, we need only to access a small area to correct the problem. We are able to ensure that there is minimal disruption to our clients, and will leave a clean and tidy area once completed, as should be expected from a professional. The detection and repair of leaks significantly reduces the extent of mould and structural damage to our clients’ home or business premises.

Our leak detection services will help you with:

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