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Loft Conversion

Sherratt Builder’s complete project managed Loft Conversion Service allows you to sit back, relax and watch your Loft Conversion develop into a beautiful living space.

As planning permission is not normally required, a loft conversion can be a quick and cost effective way to increase the useable space in your home. However, Building Regulations approval is required to convert a loft or attic into a liveable space, rather than simply for storage.

Sherratt Builders are up to speed with the regulations and guide our clients through the process to ensure the project meets both the clients and the relevant legal requirements.

Unfortunately we are all too often asked by new clients to take a look at an existing loft conversion as they have concerns. Typically these concerns start with the bowing in the ceiling below the loft conversion due to the structural strength of the new floor being insufficient. Furthermore, once on site we often see that the loft conversion does not meet building regulations including vital fire safety standards, nor does it have suitable and safe access and often lacks reasonable insulation.

If you want to create a liveable space in an existing loft space of your home it is likely it will require a range of alterations, and therefore Building Regulations will apply.

Sherratt Builders can take you through this process to ensure your new loft conversion meets current Building Regulations.  It will be well ventilated and make best use of the available light.  It will be well insulated and warm, making your loft conversion a new room which is a pleasure to be in and use.

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