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Flood Damage

Sherratt Builders provide a full flood damage restoration service throughout Shropshire and Mid-Wales.

Flood and water damage can cause serious, long-term harm to a building’s structure if it is not resolved quickly and effectively, by a professional flood damage restoration specialist such as Sherratt Builders.

With modern techniques building structures can be dried with minimal disruption as the latest technology can now be used to dry problem areas such as insulation in cavity walls and floating floors.

Prior to the introduction of these new flood damage restoration technologies, both walls and flooring had to be removed to enable the removal of wet insulation, or the damp insulation would be left in cavities.

Leaving damp insulation in a wall cavity would then result in the migration of the damp back into the structure, and cause further damage. Mould growth caused by damp would also create a continual health risk.

New flood damage restoration systems, used by Sherratt Builders, inject dry air into insulation with the moisture extracted via several small holes drilled into the cavity. This results in minimal disruption, which reduces the likelihood of removal of units, walls, flooring or insulation, saving you time and money.

Sherratt Builders flood damage restoration services include:

Floods have a devastating effect; caused by the rising of ground water levels, burst drains, rivers and seas overflowing and the run-off from sudden rainfall down hillsides. The damage caused is often of various degrees of severity, and it is vital that premises are assessed immediately after. This allows the removal and drying of water-affected items to be performed quickly, decreasing the chance of further structural damage, and limiting the chance of mould growth.

In a flood claim situation it is the insurer’s desire to return policyholders to their own homes quickly. This can cause long-term damage to the fabric of the property if it is not handled correctly. Additionally, contents items that have been restored by your Insurers may not be in the condition they were prior to the flood.  In such case it is essential to obtain the help of a loss assessor.

Sherratt Builders have the expertise to organise the following on your behalf:

Working throughout Shropshire and Mid-Wales, Sherratt Builders are able to provide a fast, reliable flood damage restoration and drying service, by trained professionals, to ensure your property is returned to its pre-incident state, eliminating any health risks that are associated with flood waters.

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