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Telescopic Camera Surveys

Sherratt Builders are able to offer telescopic camera surveys to both buyers and sellers of all types of property. Especially property with hard to access, pitched roof areas.

Sherratt Builders consider this an essential service that will ensure that there are no hidden major exterior roof problems or structural problems when you are in the process of buying or selling a property.

At Sherratt Builders we are able to identify the condition of:

A telescopic camera survey from Sherratt Builders works by relaying live images to a receiver monitor at ground level. The live image allows Sherratt Builders to inspect the area of interest and decide whether or not any further action is necessary.

The telescopic camera survey from Sherratt Builders will then allow the live images and video footage taken at the time of our visit to be sent via email to the client.

Sherratt Builders also have a night vision option for inspecting in the pitch black conditions for example, roof voids. When used in the dark the image will be displayed in black and white.

Sherratt Builders undertake telescopic camera surveys for letting agents and property management companies for and on behalf of landlords and tenants (domestic and commercial) to check the condition of the roof as part of the lease agreement

Sherratt Builders currently undertake telescopic camera surveys across Shropshire and Mid Wales on behalf of major insurers enabling specific assessments to be made on the condition of roofs, chimneys and masonry, in order to determine the exact cause of a specific problem. Insurance roof inspections are undertaken to investigate any claim for damage to their client’s roof and/or property due to storm, impact or malicious damage.

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