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How Shropshire builders can help you with your insurance claim

Sherratt Builders, based in Shrewsbury and covering Shropshire, West Midlands and into Wales, can help you with insurance claims and through the insurance maze!

How to use Sherratt Builders for your building insurance claim

If you have recently suffered damage fire, flood, storm or impact damage to your property, which requires you to make a claim on your home insurance policy, you should take the following measures to ensure that your claim gets dealt with promptly, and painlessly.

CALL US FIRST!  (before doing anything else)

Once you have done that and received our FREE advice, contact your insurance company and inform them of the damage. They will take details of the claim from you, and will arrange for a loss adjuster or appointed representative to act on their behalf and visit you to examine the damage and to validate your claim.

We will visit your home and assess

We will arrange for one of our building surveyors to visit you to assess the damage on your behalf and provide any specialist emergency equipment to be installed

We will then provide your insurers with a full scope of works along with a detailed quotation. We will deal directly with your loss adjuster to get the necessary works approved.

Loss adjuster

Your insurance company will usually send a Loss Adjuster to your property, in order to ensure that you are only claiming for insured losses. They are there to minimise the insurer’s costs. We will attend the property at the same time (working on your behalf), and our aim is to get approval for all necessary work to bring the property back to its pre- loss condition.

We start fixing the problem!

On approval of the quotation, Sherratt Builders will send a team to undertake all of the remedial work to YOUR satisfaction.

Once you are happy and have signed our completion form, we will invoice your insurance company directly, leaving you relax in your home.

Remember, you will be receiving free representation regarding your insurance claim. So it’s best to get advice and back-up from experts like Sherratt Builders, rather than going it alone.




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