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Showing your age

According to recent research, style-conscious 20-something homeowners spend more money than any other generation doing up their homes.

But we all have a tendency to make particular types of home improvement at different stages of our lives.

Today’s homeowners stay in their homes longer than people did 20 years ago, mainly due to the high cost of moving.

Seven to eight years in the same house is pretty much the norm these days, leaving plenty of time to make improvements.

The reasons for choosing a property have also changed over the decades, with more of us willing to rent or buy a property on our own because we marry later, the divorce rate is higher and because women generally outlive men by a considerable amount of time.

Work is also a factor in today’s house buying trends. With more men and women working than ever before, many buy a home with a smaller garden that needs less maintenance.

And with an increasing number of people working from home, there is more demand for extra space to create a home office.

Independent research carried out on behalf of the Federation of Master Builders, found that UK homeowners spend an average of £2,000 a year on cosmetic home improvements, with less than one in 10 fixing the all-important basics.

But our choice of how to spend home improvement funds is greatly swayed by the age group to which we belong.






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