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Services offered by Sherratt Builders Shropshire

We thought we’d spend some time telling you about the services offered by Sherratt Builders Shropshire –  offer all the services you would expect from a small – medium sized domestic and commercial building firm.

We don’t shy away from the little jobs and we are more than happy to take on something bigger.

You can find a good overview of our services on our website, but to save you some time we thought we’d explain what we offer to you.

We cater for all aspects of building maintenance for both homeowners and businesses throughout Shropshire and Mid Wales. If you have a few broken roof tiles, or want a new doorframe fitting or door hanging you can call us. Likewise if you want to do some internal reorganisation, perhaps you want to take a wall down, build a porch or a downstairs toilet, create a kitchen diner or an extra bedroom to the side or in the loft, or even a double storey house extension, we can help.

If you are looking to do something bigger, like a whole house-build, again you’ll find the team friendly, approachable and most of all experienced and knowledgeable. We can talk you through the stages from your initial ideas, point you to recommended architects, explain the planning process, quote, build and sort out all the necessary building regulations with the planning inspector. If there are individual tradespeople you want you to organise, like your own electrician or plumber, you can. But if you want us to project manage and take care of this we will.

Another area of our business that many people don’t know we offer is insurance work. If you need help after an accident, perhaps you’ve suffered a fire or had some flood damage, you can call us. Not only can we quote, we will work directly with your insurers or loss adjuster and can often secure you a lot more money than you might be able to without our help. Our surveyors have many years experience and an excellent knowledge of what you and the insurers need and get the repairs done..

Finally, we have invested in unobtrusive and effective leak detection and infrared camera technology to help you detect heat loss in your home. Did you know that 8 out of 10 homes have undetected, serious, thermal inefficiencies that can be quickly and easily corrected from being scanned with a camera? The camera can also be used to detect water leaks, damp so we can quickly and effective get to the route of the problem.

Our services are extensive, so there’s something you don’t see here that you want to talk to us about, please give us a call on 01743 791815 or 07786 268435.

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