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How to successfully Project Manage building work

If you want to project manage your own construction and renovation projects, it could save thousands of pounds and at Sherratt Builders we welcome your direction, or can take charge of the project for you.

It does require time, organisational skills and understanding to get it right and depending on the size of the project you may want to pass management entirely to your chosen building firm.

As the project manager, you make all the major decisions, and that means the success of your project rides largely on your work. With that in mind, here are our top tips on how to make your project run as smoothly as possible:

Do your research

Before even starting out on a project, you must be confident it is legal, feasible and safe. The government website is an excellent resource for all of the rules and regulations that govern the building process. Your first port of call should be the planning permission section, as even simple projects like loft or garage conversions may require permission before you can proceed.

It’s also important to ensure that you inform your insurer of any building work taking place, as this may affect your home insurance policy.

Plan your budget

Saving money is one of the top reasons for starting a self-build, so you don’t want to undermine those efforts with sloppy financing. Seek quotes from a number of reputable builders – like us – and tradesmen, research material costs and devise a realistic budget that you’re comfortable with. We can help you with this as we know how much things should cost!

Plan to go over budget

The reality is that many projects struggle to stay within budget. It’s generally recommended that your contingency budget amounts to 15% of the total build cost.

Organise your time

It takes time and energy to successfully project manage building work, and you’ll need to make space in your schedule and allow for flexibility in your daily life while the project is underway. You’ll also need to live on or close to the site during the process to effectively monitor the work, or be easily contactable.

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