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Maximise your loft space

Loft conversions are a great way to make the most of existing space in your home and they can provide a good return on your investment when you sell.

With the cost of moving home in search of more space running into many thousands of pounds, you may choose to move up rather than move on and convert your loft into additional living or bedroom space.

If you decide on a loft conversion, you need to check planning permission and make sure that your loft is suitable for conversion.

One easy guide is to see if you can stand upright at the loft’s highest point, as this needs to be at least 2.3m above the floor.

With the basics covered, you need to consider what sort of space you want in the loft and, if it includes a bathroom, consider how the plumbing will work and whether your boiler will be able to heat the extra space and provide enough hot water.

Consider lighting at an early stage too – you may want something subtle for a master bedroom, or bright spotlights for a home office.

You may need to consider things such as dropping the first floor ceiling to fit in the staircase to the loft room.

Many people want to include an en-suite, but if there isn’t room you could always consider an open plan bedroom and bathroom, with the toilet hidden behind a three-quarter height wall.

You can also take the opportunity offered by a loft conversion to improve the insulation in your roof.

Top tips for loft conversions:

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