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Maximise your cellar or garage space

If you can’t extend your home upwards or outwards, how about going downwards and converting your cellar into living space or digging deep to create a new floor for your house?

Converting an existing basement is more expensive than extending into the loft – and building a new basement costs more than converting – but it does give you a great space to use for absolutely anything.

Perhaps you dream of a home cinema, kids den, gym or indoor swimming pool, or maybe you need extra accommodation for a growing family or relatives. Costing around £80,000 a basement conversion with the same footprint as your ground floor provides flexible space and could be cheaper than buying a larger home.

Before you start

Garage space

If you have a garage that stores junk rather than a car and you need more space, a garage conversion could solve the problem.

A brick-built garage is easiest to convert, but don’t give up on the idea just because your garage is made of another material.

The space you gain can be really useful as a playroom, office, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen – and you could build an extra room on top.

You may need planning permission and you will need to meet building regulations, but the upside is little disruption and a relatively quick win of new space. Remember to factor parking space into your plans.

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