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What Is A Loss Assessor?

The key difference between a Loss Assessor and Loss Adjuster is that the Loss Assessor works for you, the policyholder, and not the insurance company. Loss Assessors are hired and paid for by the policyholder and will endeavour to ensure that you receive the best settlement possible for your claim, and not the bare minimum that may be proposed by the insurance company and/or Loss Adjuster.

A Loss Assessor will attend your property immediately and prepare your claim in order to negotiate the best possible terms on your behalf. A Loss Assessor should be sought for all claims resulting in loss or damage, regardless of size or complexity.

Best described as similar to an employee for the policyholder, it is in the Loss Assessors best interests to work for you, and not for the insurance company. Their fee is usually a percentage of that paid out by the insurance company. The Loss Assessor will handle the aspects of the claim from the initial submission of the claim, to meetings with the Loss Adjuster and insurance company, through to the final settlement and payout. This can often be a relief for policyholders, especially at a time where substantial loss or damage has occurred. All of the paperwork and documentation will be completed for you by your Loss Assessor, as well as the coordination of meetings. Loss Assessors will help relieve the stress of making an insurance claim, as well as saving money for the policy holder.

With detailed knowledge of insurance, and experience in handling claims, a Loss Assessor handling your claim will allow you to relax and hand over the responsibility of your claim to them.



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