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What Is A Loss Adjuster

A Loss Adjuster will work independently, but on behalf of your insurance company, to help process any payments on a claim. Insurance companies may appoint a Loss Adjuster for claims made through result of damage caused by fire, building collapse, flooding and so on. Usually, a Loss Adjuster will specialise in particular areas, and will have detailed knowledge of insurance. This will be used to file a report to the insurance company, giving details of the claim and damage. This allows you and your insurer to agree on the amount due to be paid to you.

After a claim has been submitted, a Loss Adjuster will visit to check if the loss or damage falls within the terms of the insurance policy, and that the claim being made is reasonable. A Loss Adjuster will check that all valid items have been included on the claim, and that the total insured on the policy is adequate. It is the role of the Loss Adjuster to ensure that everything the policyholder is entitled to claim has been claimed for, and that the correct payment is received from the insurance company.

There may b more that can be claimed for than you may think, and the Loss Adjuster should help policyholders to identify these, as well as possibly being able to provide contacts for the work that needs to be done.

When meeting with the Loss Adjuster, policyholders can help their claim by having estimates or repairs, and costs of any emergency repairs, as well as valuations, receipts, proof of ownerships, and crime reference numbers where necessary. If there is any property that has been badly damaged, it should be stored somewhere where the Loss Adjuster will be able to inspect it.

Policyholders should remember that there is no fee to pay to a Loss Adjuster, this is covered by the insurance company, and that the insurance contract is held with the insurance company, not with the Loss Adjuster.

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