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I have a leak what should I do?

If you’re asking the question I have a leak what should I do? The quick answer is ring Sherratt Builders in Shropshire as we have the latest leak detection equipment and can help you whether its an emergency, an insurance job or an ongoing problem.

If your leak is external we will use our acoustic leak detection equipment to help you locate it – many people often don’t even know where their external water mains are and we can help with this also! Sherratt Builders are actually the only company in Shropshire to have this type of equipment and we are fully trained an experienced in this area.

If you’ve had a leak and need to make an insurance claim, your first port of call, before even calling your insurer, is to contact a specialist builder who is experienced in insurance work. And we pride ourselves on our outstanding track record of helping customers in this field.

When you put a call into us, we will first assess the problem and will speak to your insurance company on behalf, navigating through their list of often difficult questions. Your insurer will usually then want to send out a loss adjuster but you are entitled to appoint your own, something that not everyone know. Here at Sherratt Builders we have our own loss adjuster and we will also pay for this service as part of our overall package. Together we liaise with the loss adjuster to work out how much damage has been caused and the scale and cost of the works needed to repair any damage caused by your leak.

We have successfully helped the majority of clients claim far more than their insurance company was initially willing to pay and been able to provide a service of works for you that is far greater than you may be quoted if you are left to deal with insurers by yourself – all at minimal cost to yourselves.


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