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How to protect your home against the elements

If you’re wondering how to protect your home against the elements to avoid interior damage and give a great first impression, read on.

Wind, rain, ice, snow and even intense sunshine can cause damage to the outside of your home, that will, in turn, affect the interior.

So it is important to check outdoor elements such as roofs and gutters on a regular basis and fix any problems sooner rather than later.

It is also essential to paint the exterior of your home on a regular basis to protect it from the elements.

Every three or four years should be enough, but the frequency will depend on where your property is located and how exposed it is to the weather.

Older houses tend to need more maintenance than new builds, but occasionally every home needs a thorough check over.

Richard Sherratt says:“As well as checking roofs and gutters, look at parts of the building that you don’t see every day, for example flat roofs, chimney stacks and roof space.

“Also make sure the damp course is not breached. This is a classic issue of a stitch in time saves nine – money spent on maintenance advice is money well spent.”

Your home may look fantastic on the inside, but for all-round appeal you also need to dedicate some time and energy to the outside.

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