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Energy provider offers ‘free’ heat pumps for homes

Energy provider Octopus Energy has launched “Cosy Octopus”, saying it wants to help British homes get access to cost-effective heat pumps, smart controls and energy tariffs.

Octopus Energy has launched a new smart heating system that aims to “pave the way for heat pumps for everyone” in Britain.

The energy supplier’s “Cosy Octopus” offer includes several components, such as an air source heat pump, a home controls system and room sensors, as well a customised smart tariff.

Homes that could potentially get all these free will have to have a “reasonably up-to-date” hot water cylinder as well as a well-maintained heating system. Homes without this would instead be looking at a £3,000 price tag. Like other heavily discounted heat pump schemes with suppliers, the “Cosy Octopus” scheme makes use of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to help fund the technology and installation.

So, could qualify for a free heat pump under the scheme and, if you do, how do you apply?

What is included in Cosy Octopus?

The Cosy Octopus deal includes a 6kW British-made heat pump, known as the “Cosy 6 heat pump”, which is ideal for the average three-bedroom home. Larger models are said to be included in the Cosy Octopus deal in the next few months.

Also included in Cosy Octopus, is a “Cosy Hub”, which is a smart controller for the heat pump system, which allows you to monitor your heating system on an iPad or mobile phone to keep bills as low as possible.

Cosy Pods are room sensors to make sure the heating system is heating every corner of your home effectively and efficiently — these are also included.

And lastly, there is a tailored Cosy smart tariff that Octopus claims gives cheaper rates to heat pump owners, as long as heat pump installation has been carried out correctly by an MCS installer. Customers also need to have a SMETS2 smart meter in their home.

Why is Octopus giving away ‘free’ heat pumps?

Heating buildings accounts for over 17% of carbon emissions in the UK, according to Octopus. And given that heat pumps are seen as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuel-fired boilers, Octopus wants to help encourage their uptake.

The UK, with its government-funded Boiler Upgrade Scheme, is targeting 600,000 heat pump installations a year by 2028 as part of wider efforts to reduce these emissions and reach net zero.

It adds: “In just eight years, Octopus Energy has challenged legacy market incumbents to become the second largest energy supplier in the UK, famous for its fair pricing and exceptional customer service.”

Does my home qualify for Cosy Octopus?

Launching “Cosy Octopus”, founder of Octopus Energy Group Greg Jackson explained which homeowners would be likely to qualify for a free Cosy 6 heat pump as a potential gas boiler alternative or oil boiler alternative. He said: “I think we’ve now paved the way to the thing we’ve been dreaming of which is if a home already has a reasonably up-to-date hot water cylinder and a reasonably well-looked-after heating system, some people will be able to get [a Cosy Heat 6, Cosy hub, Cosy pods, standard installation and aftercare free, after the government grant.”

This is expected to be powerful enough for the average small three-bedroom home.

Those properties that do not already have an up-to-date hot water cylinder and heating system can generally expect to pay around £3,000 for the same package, after the government grant has been applied. “With the Cosy Heat 6, a typical home will now pay around £3,000 after the government grant. They’ll get the Cosy hub, Cosy pods, standard installation and aftercare for that price,” Jackson explained.

He later added: “This is a huge day for clean heating. The combination of a high-temperature heat pump (as hot as a gas boiler), Octopus smart tariffs and room sensors across your home doesn’t just open up cheaper clean heating – but more comfort too.”

How to get a free Cosy Octopus heat pump

The Cosy Octopus system will be available from December this year and those interested will be able to sign up on Octopus’s Get A Heat Pump page. Cosy Octopus smart tariffs are already available and can be seen here.

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Image by Aritha from Pixabay

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