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Do I need an architect for my extension in Shropshire

One of the most important questions you should ask before starting any building work is do I need an architect for my extension in Shropshire or at a property in the surrounding areas we cover like Mid Wales, this blog will help you answer that question.

Deciding whether you need one can have a big impact on the cost and quality of the building works. The first thing to note is there is no law saying you have to employ an architect – it is up to you! Some people successfully undertake quite major works – including whole house refurbishments and extensions – without architects.

Others employ architects for comparatively minor jobs, such as redoing a bathroom. If you have a very clear idea of what you want, or a builder whose judgement and vision you trust, then an architect is less necessary.
If you don’t know what you want, then an architect can help give you ideas.

Obviously – you should aim to find a builder whose judgement you trust, but if you are too busy or feel too inexperienced, an architect can help make sure the project stays on track.

You can also speak to an architectural designer or technician as well. They should have experience designing small and medium-sized home renovation projects, but will not cost as much to engage with.

If a fully qualified architect is what you want make sure you get one: they must be registered with the Architects Registration Board, which has a publicly accessible database.

An architect can also be very helpful in managing the whole process. If you need planning permission (or even think you might), then an architect can be invaluable in successfully navigating the local planning authority. A planning consultant or a structural engineer can also help.

What are the advantages of having an architect?

What are the disadvantages of having an architect?

If you are still unsure and want to discuss your plans with the right professional building company  in and around the Shropshire area, then give us a call today to see how we can help you develop your ideas.

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