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Common mistakes made by self-builders

If you can’t find your dream home – or let’s face it, afford it, those who have the time and money may consider changing or building their own house but there some common mistakes made by self-builders you should try to avoid.

But there are some common pitfalls self-builders should avoid. The most common self-build mistake, however, actually comes down to not being realistic enough. Which is fair enough when it’s your dream home! But while over-confidence and self-belief is needed to take on a project as huge as building a home, there needs to be an element of practicality and awareness about the many obstacles that can get in the way.

Self-build home

According to Grand Design’s Kevin McCloud, years of filming have revealed that the most common mistake is one which is bound up with human nature and over-confidence.

“Those of us who are blessed with a degree of normal self-doubt are hugely nervous of the idea of embarking on a project like this. And so those that do, tend to be pretty well-empowered individuals.

“The majority of people we film have a degree of self-belief, that’s what’s got them there in the first place. That brings with it a belief that I hear again and again, which is: “This project is going to come in on time and on budget.” And my answer is: “I’ve never really seen a project do that”.

For ideas on how to stay on track financially and on schedule, please see our blog on How to manage a self-build budget here.


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