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Celebrating 25 years as a leading Shropshire building firm

Richard Sherratt Builders is a long-established builders celebrating 25 years as a leading Shropshire building firm working across the county and into Mid Wales.

It was founded in 1992 which makes us 25 years old this year. We were actually incorporated as a Limited Company in 2002, which means that the Limited company is 15 years old this year!

Our founder and owner, Richard Sherratt, started out as bricklayer and then learnt everything you need to know to become a successful builder.

But running a building business doesn’t just mean you are good at building! You also have to know how to find talented and experienced tradesmen to work alongside you and also how to to quote well and fairly.

Many people don’t realise the hours that go into quoting a job! Everyone is told (including by us!) to get three quotes for any building work. But each builder has to come and see you, begin to build a relationship and the spend up to many hours putting an accurate, fair and honest quote together.

To help us cut this time down, as we, like any builders won’t always win the job, we have invested in the most up to date quoting software around. This enables us to create an itemised quote of all the work expected, before we even start. It means we can confidently show the customer where all of their hard earned money will go and on what.

Over the 25 years we have been in business, we have learned a lot about building, people, relationships and running a business well! These are all traits that you need to be a successful builders. We look forward to meeting you and quoting for your project.

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