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Building from the ground up

Building your own home is an exciting prospect, but you need to keep your feet on the ground when it comes to planning and cost control.

What to consider before embarking on a search for land?

You need to decide the size of the plot you need to accommodate your home, garage, parking space and garden.

Do you want a single storey or two-storey home and how many rooms will you need?


You also need to consider the location of your new home in terms of proximity to schools, shops and transport.

And don’t forget to cut through the red tape of building regulations and planning permission before building work starts.

The builder

With a clear view of what and where you want to build, it is time to engage an architect or builder.

Don’t go for the first or cheapest quote. Instead, go for a professional who understands what you want and can show you other reference sites.

Good builders like Sherratt Builders spend a lot of time putting the work of other builders right. Always check reviews and credentials.

You also need a good deal of mutual trust to turn your dream into reality within budget – it’s important to find someone you like!


If you have a regular income you should have no problem securing a loan or mortgage to build your new home.

Look out for special self-build mortgages, as many lenders won’t provide money to cover buying the land and check out all the tax implications.

Ask your architect or builder to make sure you have covered every potential cost involved in the new build before you start and then stick to your plans and your budget.

Checklist before you start

If you’d like to discuss a project with us, we always offer no obligation quotes. Please call us on 01743 791815 or 07786 268435 or email info@sherrattbuilders.co.uk


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