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Building a conservatory in Shropshire

Building a conservatory is the cheapest and quickest way to add extra living space to your home, but consider the internal options before you get started.

A conservatory is the perfect way to transform your home, giving you a wonderfully light extra room or extension that can be used all year round as living space or, perhaps, a playroom or dining area.

Under current rules, if the structure can be closed off from the rest of the house you don’t usually need planning permission or building regulations approval, to build a conservatory, but check with your local authority just in case.

Then consider the style of conservatory that will match your property and be sure you don’t consume too much of your garden with the new build.

The basic structure of a conservatory generally consists of a concrete foundation and floor slab, cavity brickwork for any lower walls, glazed upper walls and roof panels set in a framing system.

Options for framing include UPVC – the cheapest and relatively maintenance-free choice, timber – which is more attractive but expensive and needs more maintenance, and metal – which is good for modern designs.

The glass wall and ceiling panels must be safety-toughened or laminated and if you want to use your conservatory all year round, you should opt for solar control glass, such as Celsius Performance Glass from K2.

This transparent coated glass keeps unwanted glare to a minimum and deflects excessive solar heat. Polycarbonate roof panels are a low-cost alternative but can be noisy when it rains and will not prevent solar gain.


If a conservatory is not for you, but you want to let more light into your home, consider an atrium that will allow light to pour down from a large skylight.

Alternatively, open up the back of your living space with floor-to-ceiling sliding or folding glass doors. Add a balcony or decking for a wonderful open-air extension to your home.

Where it is difficult to add conventional windows to let in more light, look at Velux-style windows that can be installed in sloping roofs.

Inside, glass brick or partition walls can create the living areas that you want, while maintaining as much light as possible.

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