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When is the best time to start an extension

As we are getting into the ‘drier’ and ‘warmer’ weather, you may be asking your local Shropshire builder ‘When is the best time to start an extension?’

The answer is, there isn’t really a best time to start an extension. They are always inconvenient to the customer, however a good builder should be able to minimise your inconvenience and make it as comfortable as possible for you during the project. Better weather certainly helps!

Wintry weather from November to January can be an obstacle for some extensions and may cause delays due to rainfall or freezing conditions as certain jobs are not permissible due sub zero temperatures as it effects the quality. For example, we can’t work with cement-based products below +5 degrees centigrade.

We aim to not let the month or weather determine whether we start. But we always ensure we alert the customer of the potential delays and try to work around them as much as we can. For example, it’s simply not safe to carry out roof work in pelting rain and gales. But as soon as an extension has a roof then there are no reasons why weather, month, or time should affect works.

Ideally you would have your extension built in the summer, but of course these months are busy for all those in the building trade. If you want more advice on this, then just call us and we can help schedule in the best time and advise you of any pitfalls.

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