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2020 The Year of Self Build

2020 is what many are calling the year of the self-build, so if you’re looking for a recommended builder in Shropshire or Mid Wales, call Sherratt Builders.

Of course, every year is a self-build year for the 15,000 or so Britons who commission their own new home, so what’s different about 2020?

Well, for a start, it’s the year that the benefits of a piece of legislation that, for once, can literally be described as ground-breaking.

2020 marks three years since the introduction of the Right to Build into law.

What is Right to Build?

It’s a law that requires local authorities to keep a register of people in their community who want to build their own home.

But that’s not what is brilliant about the law. It requires local authorities to release land for the same number of people to build their own home within three years.

This must be either on publicly allocated land or, more likely, through granting sufficient approvals on private land.

It’s a game changer for plot availability in the UK.

Surge in self-builds

So, 2020 is the year that will see a significant surge in self build activity. Once appeal decisions become merged into common practice influencing planning decisions, all these plots will come onto the market.

But it’s not just land. We are seeing a quickening of the breaking down of all the other barriers that for too long have stopped people realising the life-changing dream of building their own home too.

Our biggest self-build mortgage enabler, BuildStore, is constantly creating new products at ever lower rates needing ever lower deposits, with innovations to enable people to get started without needing huge amounts of cash upfront.

And construction companies like us, are having to providing smarter and more cost effective solutions too.

What can we expect?

Look out for announcements during the year because as more land comes on stream; more policies to help will become enacted, and much more besides.

It’s the year that self-build will finally come of age as a mainstream housing solution.

Here at Sherratt Builders, with a lineage of 25 years, we like to think we’ve got a role to play too.

Over the years, we’ve inspired, encouraged and advised dozens of people to go on this life changing journey. It’s been a privilege to meet people for whom building and renovating their own home has transformed their lives.

Why don’t you make 2020 the year that you build your own home too? To discuss any aspect of self-building, please contact us on 01743 791815.

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